Revolutionary online fundraising platform, DreamFundraisers, announces their official launch as a 100% virtual peer fundraising site for organizations and projects  Shawn D. Monroe and his team at DreamFundraisers look set to disrupt the online fundraising space with the launch of a unique peer fundraising site for organizations and projects that is 100% virtual with awesome rewards products. The goal of the site is to create a free and easy way for users to raise funds online, increase their reach, and bring their projects to reality. “What’s really cool about our products is that supporters are able to use our design generator to customize their products,” said Monroe. “Unlike many other fundraisers, where you are stuck with products you may or may not want, here you are able to design-on-demand the perfect item for yourself, your family, your home – or to give as a gift. Not to mention the great snacks. There really is something for everyone.”  The global online fundraising market has evolved over the years, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar industry, thanks to the emergence of several platforms. According to a report published by Market Data Forecast, the global crowdfunding market was valued at $14.2 billion in 2019, with a projection that it will reach $28.8 billion by 2025. Unfortunately, many of the available platforms do not particularly deliver on the needs of users in terms of comprehensiveness and versatility, which is where DreamFundraisers is looking to make a difference.

The minority and LGBT-owned fundraising platform aims to empower groups to engage donor audiences, increase awareness and attract donations and/or support through hosted virtual fundraising campaigns such as crowdfunding, sales, raffles, events, sweepstakes, and auctions. DreamFundraisers offers different experiences, including trips, sports outings, music events, spa days, and a host of others that can be used for their campaigns. The experiences are free to organizers with no upfront costs.

DreamFundraisers has a user-friendly interface and easy fundraising process that can be completed in four steps, suitable for all categories of users, including K-12 schools, youth sports teams, churches, and non-profits amongst others. Organizers can also create the campaign that best suits their fundraising goals by customizing the campaign, mix-and-match campaign types while enjoying livestreaming for event campaigns.

One of the unique features of DreamFundraisers is the provision of a catalog of over 200 products for sales fundraising while also allowing users to create their own products, including T-shirts, blankets, jackets, jewelry, and shoes, with the design-on-demand generator. The feature is particularly unique as it gives users the freedom to create their desired item, as opposed to being subjected to the offering of the platform.

For more information about DreamFundraisers and how to be a part of the revolutionary fundraising movement, visit – DreamFundraisers can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

About DreamFundraisers

DreamFundraisers is a fundraising platform founded by Shawn D. Monroe, an experienced marketing professional with a track record for employing unique marketing and business tools to help businesses increase customer engagement and profits. The platform is designed for all categories of users, helping organizations to raise funds for projects, engage donor audiences and increase awareness.

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