We are currently accepting interested people to join our Dream Team.

DreamFundraisers are looking for individuals seeking a unique work from home opportunity.  We need people like YOU to contact schools, sports teams, churches, adult & children’s groups, community projects and non-profit organizations in your area promoting our online fundraising platform and highly profitable fundraisers. 

You can work full time or part time. It’s completely up to you! There’s NO Travel Required and no inventory to store. Your task is to simply inform groups to participate in one of our highly profitable fundraising campaigns.

Earn Great Pay – Cash Bonuses – Trips – Benefits

We teach you everything you need to know to start making sales right away! You can start earning commissions as high as $2500 on a single fundraiser!

When you join the DreamFundraisers Dream Team you’ll receive full online training sessions that includes a training by video and live monthly conference calls.  Dream Team Members have direct access to the the sales office to ensure the best results.

You can start making sales within 1 day of receiving your training kit!!

Schools, sports teams, churches and non-profits are always looking for new and unique ways to raise money and the DreamFundraisers Online Fundraising Platform is the perfect way for groups to raise money while helping the community stay safe!

DreamFundraisers makes funding dreams simple with our EASY ONLINE FUNDRAISING TOOLS! This is so important right now as many schools and churches are looking for ways to raise money while social distancing.

We want YOU to be a part of their success and we want to make YOU successful!

If you’re tired of your current job or have recently been laid off, or if you just want to work a few hours a week for extra income, this may be the perfect business for you. Earn anywhere from $500 to $5000 per month or more!

Average commissions range from $250 to over $2000 per sales fundraiser contact – that’s based on the size of the group hosting the fundraiser and the number of fundraising products ordered.

To earn $5000 per month or more you can expect to work at least 20 hours per week.  When you get an account with a School, Church or Youth Group etc., that account is yours to keep! You can make money year after year with just 1 account.

The amount of money you earn as a member of the DreamFundraisers Dream Team will be based on the amount of time and effort you put in as well as your natural ability as a sales person. DreamFundraisers makes no guarantees as to how much money you will earn.

As a member of the DreamFundraisers Dream Team, you will have the opportunity to offer a large variety of unique and highly profitable fundraisers to your contacts on own great platform.  Some of our products are customizable to your contacts design – while some can be personalized to supporters.  We have learned our personalized products are a great way for supporters to get out of fundraisers.

Best of all, there’s absolutely NO TRAVEL REQUIRED and no need to keep inventory on hand.  However, for those who’d like to get their hands into the sales process, we offer unique sales materials to enhance your sales experiences.

DreamFundraisers fulfills all orders and handles customer service so you can focus on making sales!

Schools, Churches and organizations around the country are looking for unique and safe ways to raise funds for their projects.  DreamFundraisers offer just that with an online fundraising platform with products for varying donation amounts.  

Fundraisers can have their dreams funded while our Dream Team earn thousands of dollars each month by simply promoting these fundraisers to the organizations who need them most.

Begin TODAY with DreamFundraisers and help people who need to raise money while helping yourself to a new and exciting career!

It’s A Win-Win Situation!

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