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2 Pack Laser Tag Toy Blasters


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2pk Laser Tag Blasters and vests set lets you experience high-tech shooting gameplay with electronic voice prompts and a water spray function that gets activated when you lose all game lives.

Flip the switch and pick your team color: blue, red, green, white; engage in a friendly laser tag battle indoors or out and experience the realistic action-packed game with light and vibration feedback with every hit

Battle it out with family and friends from up to 98 feet! Choose your ammo as each laser tag blaster firing mode has a varying number of bullets.

Using infrared technology with less than 1mW output that’s super safe for kids and the whole family, this laser tag blasters set includes wearable vests for a real arcade experience even without leaving the home.

Each laser tag set includes 2 laser toy guns, 2 wearable vests, 12 x AA size batteries, a water dropper, and 1 screwdriver.
Made in China

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Weight 3.55 lbs
Dimensions 12.2 × 5.3 × 6.9 in


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