Social Media Fundraising: A Journey towards More Funds

Social Media Fundraising: A Journey towards More Funds

The usability of social media with a purpose has gotten better over time. The days when it was merely used to interact with friends to the time when it has become a source of generating revenue for businesses. Indeed, digitalization has increased options for the users in various aspects in a limited time. We have already talked about digital marketing and its positive outcomes in the present era. What about social media fundraising? Well, if you are still unfamiliar with this feature, we would say that there is a lot you need to learn about social media.

Let’s talk about the COVID-19 when all activities were put to a halt following the health crisis across the globe. It made different businesses face a drastic downfall while resulting in a situation that fundraisers were the only support for every earning individual. In this time, social media emerged as a unique platform to engage people in the social cause with an idea to meet the goals for assisting the needy at best.

This new concept gets fostered after that while making social media a path to more funds. Many non-profit organizations benefited from this virtual fundraising, and it is commonly practiced today. Let’s discover how it actually works!

Starting a Fundraiser on Social Media

Social media fundraising campaigns are producing better outcomes as compared to traditional fundraising activities. Not all social media platforms are required to be used for this purpose. However, it is important to identify which platform is going to serve the purpose well for your cause. Follow these steps to make it happen effectively:

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

As aforementioned, not all social media platforms are good to go with serving the purpose of fundraising. You need to decide which one is better to engage people for the non-profit cause. Take a look at the workability of different social platforms:

  • Instagram

Instagram is a platform that works under creativity. To start a fundraising activity, you need to have some creative content like pictures and videos to engage people. It has been perceived that youngsters are more likely to take part in such activities. Instagram is that interactive social zone where you can find a majority of youth. So, it is good to go for the cause!

  • Facebook

Certainly, Facebook is such a hyper-interactive social media platform that it is best to opt for virtual fundraising. You can get shares for your posts in groups, pages, and on other profiles while resulting in better engagement. According to demographics, “73% of adults use Facebook every day, and 37% of them get their news from Facebook.” This will make you reach the target at the earliest in a limited time. Moreover, if you pick to use Facebook along with Instagram, the outcome will be much better and easy to achieve the target.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is somewhat slower for fundraising activities; however, you can connect and partner with various non-profit organizations for the cause.

  • Twitter

You cannot play more creatively and elaboratively in posting on Twitter following the word limit for Tweets. So, make a wise choice of words that is good to engage the audience instantly. You can also go with hashtag technique on Twitter that will give hype to your cause, thus resulting in better fundraising.

  • TikTok

TikTok is an entertainment application with youth as the target audience. If your fundraising can be achieved through this age group, create something catchy that ultimately helps in achieving the goals.

Creativity Can Make It Better Sharable

Know that the better you will utilize your creativity in posts, the greater are the chances for an immediate response on the fundraising activity. Use attractive images, make teasers and videos with some emotional content to engage, post announcements with tangible targets, and see the results. We would also suggest you post action shots that include pictures showing the non-profit activities that would impulse people to participate in the cause.

Networking – The Key to Social Media Fundraising

No matter which platform you have chosen to launch your fundraising campaign, the key is to work on enhancing your social media network. The more people you will have to connect with, the greater are the chances for the post sharing for an effective outcome. It will also assist you in partnering with different non-profit organizations and groups to make the experience better.

The Bottom Line

To capitulate, social media fundraising has revolutionized the way of helping people effectively while engaging people from all over the world. Now it is all in your hands how you will use these platforms to produce unbelievable results in a limited time. Connect, engage, interact, share, and make your virtual fundraising activities more efficacious!

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