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Want to maximize your fundraising goals, but don’t have a specific focus?  Build-your-own campaign allow you to create the fundraiser that work best for your group or organization.  Ask for help from our expert DreamMakers.


Request donations with a crowdfunding campaign.  Use our crowdfunding platform to create your specialized fundraiser.  Crowdfunding included on every campaign.


Raise money for your organization with an “old” fashion fundraiser – but this time with products everyone would love to have.  Your supporters can shop from our growing catalog of products – many design-on-demand.  Choices include apparel, home & living, jewelry, snacks and bags.  Orders are shipped directly to your supporters door!

Choose our Unique Campaigns

Custom Fan Gear
Flower Bulb
Discount Cards


Sell tickets to your supporters for a drawing of a prize winner, or except donations.  Provide your own prizes or choose from our Rewards Catalog.  We’ll help you create online traffic with marketing tools. (see details below)


Host a sweepstakes on your custom landing page.  We’ll handle all of the admin work.  Just choose your prizes or provide your own, set your terms & goals and watch your fundraising efforts explode! (see details below)


Having an upcoming event, dinner or gala?  Market your event, attract donors and build a guest list with ticket sales.  Attendees can register for additional perks or those who can’t attend may donate.  An easy way create a buzz for your event. 


Hold your auctions completely online, seamlessly with our easy to use platform.  We will take the work out of your fundraising effort.  Our auction pages are complete with online bidding, bid alerts (SMS & E-mail) and auto-payment of won campaigns.  


Coming soon!

Rules for Raffles & Sweepstakes:: In the U.S., raffles are subject to federal and state regulations.   Your organization must be located in the US and is a federally tax-exempt 501© organization.  Unfortunately, online raffles and sweepstakes are not allowed in the following states: Alabama, California, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Washington & Utah.

Please forward a copy of your IRS letter of determination to Please be sure to include 501c Approval in the subject headline.